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Where you’ll find everything you need to host the perfect event, without the stress or cleanup.

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What is host?

From Box to Bash:

The Ultimate Hosting Solution

Our curated hosting kits elevate your party by introducing you and your guests to new & award-winning local restaurants & food purveyors, hand-selected serve ware for our menus and premium decor.

Our Premium Hosting Kit

A curated hosting experience for 12 - 24 guests

A menu designed for 12-24 people with our Michelin-recognized chefs and culinary masters
Fresh Cut Flowers
Assorted Candles
Serve ware for our menu
Easy-to-follow reheating instructions
And the best part? No cleanup! Simply return all of the unwashed serveware and decor into the boxes and we will pick it up the next day
Welcome Bubbles

Why Host With Us

host with us

Host Kit

($799) $33- $67 / person

Simplify your party with us. Our kits provide everything you need, saving you valuable time and effort. Enjoy the convenience of a professionally curated food experience without the stress of sourcing items individually. With Host,  you can relax while we do all the running around and planning for you.

host with us

Hosting Your Own Party


Planning your own event is time-consuming and can end up costing a lot more than expected. It requires significant time and effort to find and buy all necessary items, cook and prepare the food and overall design the perfect experience. While it offers control, this option can require a considerable amount of time, energy and general running around.

Prep time 1-2 weeks

Host With Full Service Catering


Opting for a full-service catering company provides convenience but at a premium price, especially if you want something a bit more unique and elevated. While they handle the food, you still need to invest time in planning and sourcing additional items like decor, flowers and tableware to create the full experience you want.

Prep time 2-4 hours 

In Summary...

If you want to host but find it stressful and time consuming. We’ve got you!

Unique Menu

Quality Time

Effortless Ambiance

How it Works

Step One

Pick your hosting kit

Visit our Host with us page

Step Two

Select your delivery date & time

Step three

Relax & Delivery

One of our Host ambassadors will deliver your kit on the date & time you selected. Bringing you everything you'll need to host your event.

Step four

Cleaning & Pick Up

No need to clean any of our dishes. You read that right! Simply put them back in the box and leave them outside between 9 am-12 pm the next day for us to pick up

What Our Customer's Say

Amazing food

Love, love, love the food & restaurant options Host is working with, and felt it added that much more to the whole event & culinary experience. Their choice of serve ware made the food display picture-perfect.

- SW

A Special night

I wanted to host a special night for my girlfriends but had no time to plan or prepare because of a busy work schedule. Host made everything so easy, both to create a beautiful environment for a get together and delicious food.

- gc

Makes entertaining a breeze

Having every detail covered, host made entertaining a breeze! Instead of running around the week ahead and all night with hosting duties, I got to enjoy myself and focus on spending time with my guests.

- TB

Become a Partner

We believe that there is no better way to bring people together, to share experiences and to enjoy life than over great food and a warm experience. If you would like to be a part of bringing that into our hosts homes we want to hear from you.
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Have Questions?

Do I need to clean the dishes before putting them back into their bins?

Heck no, be gentle with the dishes but everything we pick up is cleaned in a commercial dishwasher regardless. 

How long should the set up take?

We carefully design each kit to give you incredible food but only take 1-2 hours to prepare. We want you focused on your guests, not the food prep.

Do I keep the flowers?

Yes, please! But the vases need to be returned.

Does the food cover all food preferences?

The menu is designed with something for everyone meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets. 

How will I know what food and serveware are paired together?

Our food and serveware are colour-coded to make prep a breeze.

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